Something Strange and Deadly Review



Ahhhh! Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard, one of my favorite books! I was able to reread it for book club. To be completely honest, this book is different. Its weird, bizarre, creepy, and perfect. I throughly enjoyed it!

I’m not normally into Historical Fiction type of books, even those with supernatural elements. But this book, and cover drew me into its depths from the get-go. It takes place in 1876 in Philadelphia, PA. Our main character Eleanor Fitt is a girl of high society. However, since her brother mysterious disappearance her family fortune has been slowly depleting. Her best hope is to be married off to an eligible bachelor. Fortunately for her, that guy is kind, handsome, and VERY eligible. And he generally likes her, which is so sweet! The journey E takes to find her brother is quite mysterious indeed, and very entertaining. Eleanor is flawed, naive, and quiet. She is a refreshing character that I have come to consider one of my favorite female YA characters. The way she is, her mannerisms ad the way she grows is a delight. I fell in love with Daniel and I ship him with Eleanor so freaking hard! He pretty much coined the term Miss Fitt, which Dennard happens to call her newsletter “Misfits and Daydreamers”

To say that I am obsessed with this series would be an understatement. If you haven’t read it, read it now! It is a seriously underrated story that never got the hype that it deserved. Now that Dennard has written Truthwitch, and because it was so successful this series is getting more attention, and I am so glad! ❤

Have you read this book? Is it in your TBR?

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April Wrap-up

This month I didn’t quite follow my TBR. However, I did exceed my goal of only 3 books! EEEPP!

Here is what I read:

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As you can see I read 4 books! 4! Go Aubrie! I still haven’t quite peeked out of my book slump just yet, but these wonderful books helped me get through the hectic month that was April.

My favorite read had to be My Lady Jane. I listened to it on Audible and the narrator was FANTASTIC! ❤ To be quite honest, I am not finished with it just yet. But I am so close it hurts! I love the quirky, weird, hilarious storytelling that Cynthia, Brodi, and Jodi are able to master perfectly. I can’t wait for more from these ladies! 5/5!!!

UnHooked was dark, mysterious and perfect. I loved it! That ending killed me though. Maxwell, you’ve got some explaining to do missy. 5/5

Graveyard Shift and Pocket full of Posies, ahh a series I come back to often! I seriously love Mrs. Roquet and her skill as a storyteller. I LOVE the ship that is introduced in book 2 and want to sail it around the world and back again. I won’t spoil anything, but book 2 is SOOOO good. Not that the first one isn’t good… but in Posies it just gets real. Angsty, sexy perfection is what it is. YAASSS! 5/5

I wasn’t able to get to #ACOMAF. Mostly because I have been bust with writing, my family and some personal health issues which I will  make a post on soon. But, my friend loaned my the audiobook to listen to while I am recovering from surgery in the next week or so.

Well, thats my April Wrap-up. Hopefully next months will be longer.