Author Blitz: Laura C. Cantu

Hey ya’ll! I have a new feature on my blog where I am going to feature an author I like, admire, or just want to help them promote! The author community is actually pretty small, and helping each other by sharing pages, sisal medias, blogs, etc…is very important! I hope you find some awesome new authors this way! ❤

Without further ado, I want to introduce my press sister and mentor: Laura C. Cantu!!! She wrote a gorgeous and magical book called Betwixters.

Here is the synop:

A mysterious forest near the cozy town of Herogate, England is more than what it seems.
he gnarled trees appear to breathe, gloomy storms follow you around, and prowling shadows come to life before your very eyes. Referred to as The Dark Wood by the townsfolk, 2244272the forest is guarded by a strange old man and creatures not of this world. Even the locals never set foot in the bewitched woodlands, and trespassers have a way of turning up dead.

When Noah Walters moves to town with his parents, his father—a contractor working on a top secret project for a private security firm—makes Noah promise to never enter those woods; but he doesn’t know that Fate has other plans.

Noah and his new best friends, Ethan and Skye, are chased into The Dark Wood by Grucker, a schoolyard bully, and their lives are changed forever. They are forced into the heart of the forest, where they discover a lost fairy who needs their help to find her way back home before it’s too late.

Join Noah and his friends on a magical adventure as they race against time and plunge headfirst into the unknown. They are challenged with secrets to keep, a dangerous mission to accomplish, and a test of courage that will bring them face-to-face with magical creatures they thought only existed in fairy tales.

This is more than a tale of discovery, mystery, and excitement; it’s an epic adventure that will usher you into a world where magic is in the air, in the trees, and in every heart.

Its perfect for all ages! I read it with my kiddo and he LOVED it! We can’t wait for book 2. Currently, the kindle version is on sale for $3.99. You can get that here. The sale runs through the end of August! She is also running an Amazon giveaway for a print version. Enter that here.

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Something Strange and Deadly Review



Ahhhh! Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard, one of my favorite books! I was able to reread it for book club. To be completely honest, this book is different. Its weird, bizarre, creepy, and perfect. I throughly enjoyed it!

I’m not normally into Historical Fiction type of books, even those with supernatural elements. But this book, and cover drew me into its depths from the get-go. It takes place in 1876 in Philadelphia, PA. Our main character Eleanor Fitt is a girl of high society. However, since her brother mysterious disappearance her family fortune has been slowly depleting. Her best hope is to be married off to an eligible bachelor. Fortunately for her, that guy is kind, handsome, and VERY eligible. And he generally likes her, which is so sweet! The journey E takes to find her brother is quite mysterious indeed, and very entertaining. Eleanor is flawed, naive, and quiet. She is a refreshing character that I have come to consider one of my favorite female YA characters. The way she is, her mannerisms ad the way she grows is a delight. I fell in love with Daniel and I ship him with Eleanor so freaking hard! He pretty much coined the term Miss Fitt, which Dennard happens to call her newsletter “Misfits and Daydreamers”

To say that I am obsessed with this series would be an understatement. If you haven’t read it, read it now! It is a seriously underrated story that never got the hype that it deserved. Now that Dennard has written Truthwitch, and because it was so successful this series is getting more attention, and I am so glad! ❤

Have you read this book? Is it in your TBR?

I want to know what you think of it. Tell me in the comments below!


You can find Susan’s newsletter here:

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Have you ever heard of a Capybara? If you haven’t you aren’t alone. Its a weird little creature, that just so happens to be my favorite animal. I mean, how do you get past these pictures without squealing a little? If you can’t you’re a MONSTER!






A Capybara or Tupi, is a rodent, the largest one in the world in fact. Now, I know what you’re thinking…Aubrie….you HATE rodents! How is the Capybara your favorite? Let me tell you friend, that this ridiculously cute rodent is freaking legit as all get out. Why? You ask, well listen up, and I’ll tell you.

There little dudes are social as all get out. The hang out with up to 100 other little dudes at one time. The Capybara is the life of the party, the chameleon if you will. They get along with everyone. Al the little animals in the savanna want to be the Capybara’s friend. He is Mr. Popular. And he isn’t rude about it. He likes to include everyone. He generally just likes the company of all the other little animals. However, he usually has 10-20 close little friends he hands out with the most.

The Capybara can bark like a dog–aww! When the lady Capybaras are in heat, their scent changes (yummy) and the males go on the hunt for their mate! Then they make cute little babies! ❤


Sometimes the Capybara is really daft and tries to mate with other animals. To which I say “Love is Love! You do you little Topi!”



Apparently this cute little guy is hinted for the grease in his skin and his fat. It helps fun the pharmaceutical companies we all depend on. Poor little guy. Thankfully, he isn’t an endangered species, so thats good!

Oh! And the best part is, these magnificent creatures are able to be kept as pets in some parts of the USA! Holy Batman, you guys! I want one!!!!



SQUEEE!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


What do you think of the Capybara? If you think anything other than awesome, you’re wrong!

Until next time…