Flash Fiction: Timeline by Kay Pal

Timeline There was a violent shift in atmosphere. Nothing in the room moved, but the sheer momentum of it woke Andrew from a dead sleep. It felt as if he had been flung across the room by his belly button. And yet, everything was the same. Nothing had moved and he remained tucked into hisContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Timeline by Kay Pal”

Flash Fiction Lori F.

  It’s been 15 years, but I still regret what happened at the lake that night. It wasn’t supposed to play out that way. All I had wanted was to fit in. To be more than a nobody. Experiencing the aftermath of that night though, I realized more than ever that I would always beContinue reading “Flash Fiction Lori F.”

Secret of Souls Pre-order Incentive

Hey everyone! As you know, Secret of Souls got a release date, YAY! November 24, 2017 on BLACK FRIDAY!!! I am so excited to share this dark and twisted world with you all! Now, as a reader one of my FAVORITE things is SWAG and preorder incentives. So I knew that when I was publishing,Continue reading “Secret of Souls Pre-order Incentive”

Flash Fiction: Sacrifice by Tenaya Jayne

Sacrifice By Tenaya Jayne The pain woke me. I clenched my hands on my stomach, the shredding pain made it hard to breathe. I stood up, heat running down my thighs. The heavy moon pushed its light through the window. The blood blossoming on my nightgown looked black in the pale moonlight. I understood whatContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Sacrifice by Tenaya Jayne”