New Beginnings: Alyssa P. Kelso

Wow! Hey guys! How cool is Aubrie for letting me guest post on her blog? I’m ecstatic to be here! Hmm, where to start?

Well, since the topic is “new beginnings” I think it’s appropriate to talk about my daughter who is really quite “new.” I recently mapped out my calendar for the month of April and when I had to write down my daughters first birthday on the calendar, I completely lost it! Oh one second, here I go again. Just kidding, it’s totally allergies………..alright FINE, it’s not allergies. My daughter’s turning ONE!! *Sob.*

Up to this point I’ve been in absolute denial about it. But sadly it’s time to face the facts. Nearly 365 days ago an ominous cloud of uncertainty and “what ifs” followed me into a white room where I was to have an emergency cesarean. I wasn’t prepared to deliver my baby that way. I really wasn’t. The only thing that I “did” have prepared was how I wanted my husband to distract me if the need arose. So there I was, scared out of my wits about the unknown, when my husband took me to my “happy place.” “Just think about how fun our first family trip will be,” my husband had said, “think about taking Jade to Hogwarts, about Universal Studios. Think about drinking butterbeer. Think about how incredible this new chapter in our lives is going to be.” I swear I saw him holding a wand at this point because sunlight started to break through that ominous cloud above me. These really were magic words from my sweet muggle man.

Then it happened. Birth. The most incredible new beginning of all. Only thing was, my daughter wasn’t breathing. She was rushed from the room before I even got a chance to see her. After several long drawn out minutes my husband finally brought her to my side. A beautiful (breathing) baby girl, weighing in at 8 pounds 2 ounces, with a dark head of hair that even Harry Potter would be jealous of.

Now as the days pass by I think about what kind of example I wish to set for my mini me. What do I want to teach her? Well, I want her to know that it’s okay to believe in places like Hogwarts. Even when her hair is grey. I want her to always believe in the power of Magic. I want her to know that anything is possible. I want her to have an imagination that allows her to fly on a Nimbus 2000. I want her to know that when a phoenix dies that they are born anew from the ashes.

I have had a series of new beginnings in my life. Some have been scary. Some have been exciting. In the case of welcoming my daughter into the world and learning how to be a mother, it was and is both….Okay, seriously? Who is cutting onions over here?! Grrr.

Whoever you are and whatever new beginning you might be going through, I just hope that it is one of magic. I hope that you may face your life with the belief that anything is possible. Let your hearts and imaginations free, hold out your hand and claim your new beginnings and your dreams as if you’re catching a Snitch. And please remember in times of doubt that you are a phoenix who can and will rise from the ashes. New beginnings are endless. Some are scary. Some are exciting. Sometimes they are both. Whatever the case may be, this is your life to live so make the most of each chapter!

With love, Alyssa P. Kelso

P.s. My daughters first vacation was to Hogwarts last October. She got to experience her first Halloween in Hogsmeade dressed as Hedwig. Also, a HUGE thank you to J.K. Rowling for creating a world that I love with all of my heart.


Alyssa P. Kelso resides in Utah with her husband, daughter and the family dog. At home she enjoys wearing her Hogwarts sweatpants, throwing her hair up in a “mom bun,” and goofing off with her family. 17577757_10154245564276510_1373846530_nShe is currently revising the manuscript for her first novel and hopes to have it published in the near future.

You can find her on social media here.

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