Just a Taste

I wrote this short story for the fictorians blog I write for occasionally. However, I have gone through and changed it a wee bit as I have learned a thing or two about writing. So without further ado…Just a Taste: The feeling the Iter gives me is unique. I have tried other drugs, of course, but theContinue reading “Just a Taste”

Guest Post: Sophia Probasco

New Beginnings By Sophia Probasco   The beginning of a story is not always exciting. For a long time though, I truly thought it was. My failed novels all started with the perfect idea: a flash of inspiration and understanding that inevitably came to me at the worst possible moment. Once during a funeral, once during an orgasm,Continue reading “Guest Post: Sophia Probasco”

Interview with Author Leah Cypress

I was lucky enough to be able to interview fantasy author Leah Cypress. I met her back at Baltimore BookCon last September. She is so humble, sweet and talented! i am so grateful for this opportunity to be able to share a little bit about her here! You can reach her here.   Are you traditionallyContinue reading “Interview with Author Leah Cypress”

Interview with author Angela Roquet

I was lucky enough to be able to interview Angela Roquet author of the international bestselling series Graveyard Shift Reapers Inc.   Are you traditionally published or self published? Why did you choose that path? I have a few short stories published with a small press, but I’m mostly self-pub. I chose this path becauseContinue reading “Interview with author Angela Roquet”

New Beginnings: Alyssa P. Kelso

Wow! Hey guys! How cool is Aubrie for letting me guest post on her blog? I’m ecstatic to be here! Hmm, where to start? Well, since the topic is “new beginnings” I think it’s appropriate to talk about my daughter who is really quite “new.” I recently mapped out my calendar for the month ofContinue reading “New Beginnings: Alyssa P. Kelso”